DualDrive & PFC Application Kit

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Coming along with optimized motor control software as well as a digitally isolated real... mehr
Produktinformationen "DualDrive & PFC Application Kit"

Coming along with optimized motor control software as well as a digitally
isolated real time monitoring tool, the kit offers an easy-to-use
reference platform. The power stage is capable of driving two Permanent
Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) independently.
The Application Kit
is a consumer drive evaluation platform to evaluate the performance of
real time capabilities of the Infineon microcontrollers. It offers
designers a shorter time-to-market for energy efficient motor control
designs targeting excellent torque dynamics, reduced noise and high

Benefit of FOC and PFC
Advanced motor control techniques are increasingly being used in consumer and industrial
drives owing to the growing design focus on higher efficiency, better dynamic response and
reduced audible noise. The digital PFC enables to design relatively small application board with
very efficient conversion. Additionally with no load, it consumes very little power. Overall this
leads to significant cost savings compared to traditional PFC.
In order to enable rapid development of cost-effective designs, Infineon offers a FOC Motor Drive
Application Kit for up to two motors and digital Power Factor Correction (PFC).

Complete Package Including

  • Software package including source code
  • Simultaneous control of two PMSM with sensor less FOC & digital PFC with XE164
  • Sensorless FOC & digital PFC with XC878
  • V/f control of induction motors for quick evaluation
  • Free toolchain for XC878 and XE164 including compiler and debugger
  • Digital isolated real time monitoring tool (USB to JTAG and CAN bridge)
  • DAvE compatible software packages
  • Suitable for Windows 98/2000/XP

Key Features

  • XC878 with vector computer
    • 2 independent PWM units
    • Fast ADC with <200ns sample time
  • XE164 Real Time Signal Controller with MAC unit
    • 3 independent PWM units
    • 2 independent fast ADCs with <200ns sample time
  • Power board 110V - 230V AC, 8A
    • Inverter A with 900W - 1800W
    • Inverter B with 100W - 200W
  • Boost converter for Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Using
    Infineon IKCS17F60 CIPOS 17A, 6ED003L06 gate driver, SPD04N50C3
    MOSFETs, IDT08S60 SiC diode, SPA15N60C3 MOSFETs, CoolSETTM ICE3B0565
    power supply and TLE 4264 LDO


  • PMSM and Induction motors in:
    • Air conditioning
    • Industrial drives
    • Fans, blowers
    • Pumps
    • White goods

8-bit MCU XC878

  • Cost-effective 8-bit μCs with 16-bit motorcontrol performance
  • Built-in vector computer for Field Oriented Control
  • Powerful motor control peripheral set: CAPCOM6 and 10-bit ADC
  • Up to 64kB Flash
  • Up to 3kB RAM
  • LQFP-64

16-bit MCU XE164F

  • High performance 16-bit μCs with MAC unit supporting single cycle 16 x 16bit multiplication and add
  • Powerful motor control peripheral set
  • 3x CAPCOM6 modules
  • 2x 10-bit ADC modules
  • Up to 768kB Flash
  • Up to 82kB RAM
  • LQFP-100


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