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XC836 Touch Application Kit KIT_AK_INTOUCH The inTouch Application Kit is a comprehensive... mehr
Produktinformationen "KIT_AK_INTOUCH"

XC836 Touch Application Kit


The inTouch Application Kit is a comprehensive set of hardware and software reference designs for touch sensing and LED display solutions with XC836T. The kit contains a motherboard, which is a USB stick, and 5 daughterboards to evaluate different applications. The motherboard is pre-loaded with an example application and a set of step-by-step training videos is available for easy understanding and quick learning.

Summary of Features:

Motherboard (USB Stick):

  • USB to SPD bridge for full debug capabilities
  • USB to UART bridge for monitoring
  • SignallingLED

Buttons Daughterboard:

  • 14 touch buttons
  • 14 touch indicator LEDs

Wheel Daughterboard:

  • 3-channel touch wheel
  • Touch button
  • 12 angle indicator LEDs
  • Buzzer

Slider Daughterboards:

  • 2-channel slider
  • 3-channel slider
  • 4-channel slider
  • 4 position indicator LEDs

LED Matrix Daughterboard:

  • 7x5 LED matrix

Adaptor Daughterboard:

  • Comfortable access to the connector pins for rapid development

Development Tools:

  • Free-of-charge DAVE™ BENCH
  • IDEKEIL µVision4IDE
  • DAVE™ auto code generator
  • U-Spy real-time configuration and monitoring tool
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