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HYBRID KIT DSC HybridKIT™ for HybridPACK™ DSC S1 Automotive Power Module... mehr
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HybridKIT™ for HybridPACK™ DSC S1 Automotive Power Module (FF400R07A01E3_S6)

Summary of Features:

The evaluation kit HybridKIT™ DSC is a main inverter system up to 50kW based on Infineon’s HybridPACK™ DSC S1 power module. It is designed to power 700V loads up to 400A. Customers can use it for a quick evaluation of power module performance and as a reference design.

The HybridPACK™ DSC S1 is a very compact double-sided cooled power module for achieving highest power density. Its half bridge configuration enables flexible inverter geometries. It is based on Infineon’s IGBT3 technology.

The HybridKIT™ DSC contains a cooler specifically designed by our partner company Boyd for efficient cooling of both sides of the the HybridPACK™ DSC. More information: https://www.boydcorp.com/company/infineon-dsc-cooling.html

•Save design time
•Enable fast evaluation of the IGBT module

Target Applications:
•Hybrid and electric vehicles
•Motor Control and Drives
•E-Bikes & Small E-Vehicles


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