Automotive 24GHz radar development kit / KIT_ATV_24GHZ_RADAR

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Based on the Infineon AURIX™ and MMIC BGT24A families This development kit allows customers... mehr
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Based on the Infineon AURIX™ and MMIC BGT24A families

This development kit allows customers to implement and test 24GHz radar applications as Doppler movement detectors, FSK or FMCW range/position measurement. It comprises a BGT24A transceiver MMIC family, e.g. BGTA24ATR12, and an AURIX™ 32-bit radar microcontroller family, e.g. SAK-TC264DA- 40F200, for high-performance signal processing. The device has an FFT acceleration engine and extended memory for radar image storage.
The CPU is already pre-programmed with a sample application which samples up to four of the transceiver chip’s IF channels. The measured results are transmitted via a 10/100 Mbit ethernet connection. The enclosed firmware supports transmission via ethernet and data display on a Windows PC. This platform is therefore a good starting point for proprietary applications.
The development kit includes 12° x 25° patch antennas which can be replaced with SMA connectors, so users are free to use their own antennas.

The kit includes

  • Range-Doppler radar system with two Rx antennas and one Tx antenna based on AURIX™ TC264DA and BGT24ATR12

Available via

  • Documentation for AURIX™ and BGT24A
  • All documents for producing hardware (Gerber files, BOM, schematics)
  • Source code for AURIX™ and PC software (GUDocumentation including protocol description and start-up guide
  • SW environment for basic motion detection, containing firmware code for motion-detection processing


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