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uIO STICK: Description: Interface device for controlling Infineon boards/kits during run... mehr
Produktinformationen "uIO-Stick"

Interface device for controlling Infineon boards/kits during run time through PC
• The uIO Stick:
o Enables the connection between the evaluation board and USB for
  SPI programming and monitoring by using the ConfigWizard
  software which can be downloaded via the Infineon Toolbox.

o Plugs into the evaluation board via a standard 16-pin connector and
  allows easy interface to the microcontroller via USB for SPI, CAN,
  LIN communication etc.

The uIO-Stick provides two exclusive functions:
1. Infineon Embedded Power BSL Support:
  The Infineon Embedded Power devices provide a built-in boot strap loader
  (BSL), for programming the embedded power devices over the built-in LIN
  transceiver or UART. The uIO-Stick acts as an interface between the
  embedded power device and a PC. It handles the BSL protocols as well as
  the physical layers. A PC application provides access to all BSL functions of
  the Embedded Power device.

Supported Devices:

Embedded Power

2. Run-Time Control - Programming and monitoring:
  The uIO-Stick connects the Evaluation Board with the computer. Via the
  ConfigWizard software – a powerful and intuitive Graphical User Interface
  (GUI) – the user gets a customized programming, monitoring and
  evaluation support for various Infineon Automotive Products.

Supported Devices:
- System Basis Chips (SBC)
- High/Low Side Switch (Spider+, SPOC)
- Half and Full Bridge Driver

• Communication with the connected device via LIN, SPI and UART
• Four GPIOs
• PWM signal generation up to 20 kHz
• Measurement of analog voltages up to 20V
• Read and keep functionality to detect reset of the connected device
• USB HID device, so no additional driver installation required
• uIO Stick can power a target device
• Connected device can also be powered by external power supply for higher current
• 3 on-board status LEDs
• Additional BSL Updater GUI for BSL communication with Embedded Power devices

--> Software and Documents Download

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