SafeTI-HSK Safety Kit RM48

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SafeTI-HSK Safety Kit with RM48 Microcontroller The SafeTI Hitex Safety Kit enables customers... mehr
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SafeTI-HSK Safety Kit with RM48 Microcontroller

The SafeTI Hitex Safety Kit enables customers to easily test performance of their functional safety designs based on SafeTI components. The cost-effective hardware platform allows customers to evaluate individual TI hardware components – Hercules™ TMS570LS31x microcontrollers (MCUs) or RM48x MCUs (depending on the kit version) and TPS65381-Q1 power management integrated circuit (PMIC) – with TI’s Hercules SafeTI Diagnostic Library.

  • Integrates key capabilities for fault injection, application of diagnostics, reaction monitoring and run-time profiling of fault diagnosis routines. 
  • Provides a demo software application which can be used as a starting point for evaluating TI safety MCU and PMIC combination chipset.
  • Offers a user-friendly, host graphical-user interface (GUI) that provides capability to inject faults, apply diagnostics, profile run-time of fault diagnostics, time-stamp system response and set configurations; and communicates with the development board to request status information enabling visualization of system response timing.
  • Includes a second MCU on the evaluation board, which acts as test control and monitor unit, and manages communication with the GUI.
  • Includes an on-board JTAG emulator, accelerometer, temperature sensor and host/debug interface with a USB HUB controller and serial communication port converters.
  • Utilizes an industry-standard DIMM form factor with 100-pin connector footprint for plugging into select TI motor control kits.
  • Supports use of non-TI, third-party debug tools such as IAR and Keil, with a 20-pin external JTAG header for further design flexibility.
  • Includes user-friendly documentation with a quick-start tutorial, user’s guide, hardware schematics and documentation for the diagnostic library to help ease evaluation and kit use. 
  • Provides easy to use Hercules SafeTI software framework, which makes it easy to start development of safety-critical applications with SafeTI components. Hercules SafeTI software framework includes:
    > HALCoGen – GUI based code generation tool.
    > Hercules SafeTI Diagnostic Library, offering a simple interface and a framework for enabling safety diagnostics/features recommended by the safety manuals.
    > Evaluation version of SAFERTOS™ from Wittenstein High Integrity Systems.
    > Includes well-documented source code for the demo application, the monitoring application and the diagnostic library.
    > Includes TI’s Eclipse-based Code Composer Studio™ IDE.
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