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The Evaluation Kit “EASYKIT DCDC” is a DC/DC converter system for the Easy... mehr
Produktinformationen "Easy Kit DCDC"

The Evaluation Kit “EASYKIT DCDC” is a DC/DC converter system for the Easy Automotive Power Module F4-50R07W1H3_B11A. It is designed to power 14V loads up to 170A from a high voltage supply net.
The F4-50R07W1H3_B11A is a cost efficient solution for automotive applications based on HighSpeed IGBT3 and Rapid Diode 650V, which is driven in the Full Bridge Phase Shift ZVT converter topology at 100kHz.

Two simple steps are required before the system is ready for evaluation:

  • Mount system on a cooling plate
  • Connect 8–18V/2A supply, < 350V HV supply and a 14V/< 170A load

The required steps and control modes are explained in detail in the documentation.

Key Features

  • Evaluation Kit based on Easy 1B automotive package
  • Isolated 100kHz Full Bridge Phase Shift Converter
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio due to HighSpeed IGBT3 and Rapid Diode
  • Low system BOM (e.g. no resonating inductance, no active components in sec side snubber, …)
  • Synchronous Rectification
  • Wide Input Voltage Range (160 … 350V with 9:1 transformer)
  • Output currents up to 170A @14V
  • Up to 93% efficiency incl. all aux supplies
  • High efficiency over wide operating conditions(temperature, output current, input voltages)

Evaluation Kit includes

  • DC/DC converter board
  • CD (Documentation, Software, Design Files)
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