AURIX™ Microcontroller Emulation Device SAK-TC397XE-256F300S BD

AURIX™ Microcontroller Emulation Device SAK-TC397XE-256F300S BD
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AURIX™ Microcontroller Emulation Device SAK-TC397XE-256F300S BD GET YOUR EXCLUSIVE... mehr
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AURIX™ Microcontroller Emulation Device SAK-TC397XE-256F300S BD

The TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore™/AURIX™ is provided to get you up and running fast with your TriCore™/AURIX™ board.


Emulation Device for debugging, calibration and measurement featuring

o   Extended memory (EMEM) for tracing and calibration
o   Multi-core debug solution (MCDS) for program, data and signal tracing
o   Second device access port (DAP) instance
o   High-speed AURORA trace interface (BGA packages only)

Infineon releases its TC39x Emulation Devices, offering the same feature set as the TC39x standard family with additional debug and tracing capabilities. The TC39xXE offers support for calibration, rapid prototyping, instrumentation and debug/emulation.
TC39xXE is based on TC39x. It can be used to emulate:
•    TC39x standard devices (6 CPU’s)
•    TC38x standard devices  (4 CPU’s)

Standard Features
TC39xXE has the same features as the TC39x standard devices:
•    6 TriCore™ running at 300 MHz
•    16 MB flash/ ECC protection
•    2.9 MB SRAM/ ECC protection (additional 4 MB EMEM)
•    1 Gbit Ethernet, 12xCAN FD  , 2xFlexRay, 12xLINs,  4xQSP , 2xI²C , 25xSENT, 6xPSI, 2xHSSL,
     4xMSC , 1x eMMC/SDIO, GTM, CCU6, GPT12, HSM
•    BGA-292 package /BGA-516 package
•    Single voltage supply 5 V or 3.3 V
Emulation Features 
•    4 MB Extension Memory (EMEM) for calibration and tracing (2 MB)
•    Multi-Core Debug Solution (MCDS)
o    Parallel and time aligned trace of cores and busses
o    Powerful trigger conditions
o    On-chip logic analyzer functions
•    Additional DAP interface (DAPE) for connecting a second independent tool
•    Injector for faults and stress (IFS)
•    Aurora Gigabit Trace (AGBT) support
•    CPUs have full access to all emulation resources, enabling all kind of interfaces (e.g. Ethernet) as tool connection

•    Higher software/system quality and faster time to market with best in class:
o    Multi-core debugging and trace 
o    Trace based measurement
o    Rapid prototyping
o    Calibration
•    Strong AURIX 1G compatibility
o    Maintains investment in tools and knowledge
o    Early availability of attractive tooling solutions
o    Minimizes the  risk
•    Scalable tooling options from very cost effective to highest performance
•    Consistent architecture over the whole family for all packages
•    Different tool combinations due to two DAP interfaces
•    Very cost effective trace
MCDS tracing can be evaluated using the free of charge MCDS Trace Viewer tool which comes with the DAS installation

Full compatibility with TC39x standard devices. For TC38x systems the following points need to be considered:
•    Thermal design and power supply need to support the higher TC39xXE power consumption
•    SW needs to be tolerant to the different CHIPID and JTAGID values
•    The upper 12 ASCLIN modules (out of 24) of TC38x may not be used

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