AURIX Break-Out Adapter

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The Break-Out Adapter houses the AURIX CPU, its AGBT debug and trace interface, as well as some... mehr
Produktinformationen "AURIX Break-Out Adapter"

The Break-Out Adapter houses the AURIX CPU, its AGBT debug and trace interface, as well as some decoupling capacitors and an onboard 20MHz crystal.

In addition all CPU signals are routed to pinheaders for easy access and probing. At the bottom side a male adapter is soldered on the Break-Out Adapter.

A spacer to adapt different mounting heights is available. Due to the Break-Out Adapter dimensions, it’s recommended to use a spacer.

A socket is soldered on the target PCB. The socket has the same footprint as the desired CPU. So there is no need for a redesign, when the adaption is not used anymore.

*) The spacer and the socket on the target PCB are optional and can be purchased seperately

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