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APPKIT_A2G_SAFETY The development of a safe application can be a challenge when it... mehr
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The development of a safe application can be a challenge when it comes to follow strict safety rules. In order to ease the development of such applications, Infineon provides the AURIXTM TC3xx Safety manual. The safety manual defines so called safety mechanisms as an activity or a technical solution to avoid or control systematic fault failures and to detect random hardware failures or control random hardware failures.  Safety mechanism are classified in two main types

  • The technical solution internal to the MCU by hardware(HW) or software (SW)
  • The technical solution either in HW or SW, implemented at System level by the system integrator.

The main intention of the AURIXTM  Application kit – TC3xx Safety is to provide implementation hints and code example to enable the worldwide community  to use and understand the functional safety aspects of AURIXTM microcontroller. The kit demonstrate the implementation of various Safety Mechanism (SM) and other diagnostics functionalities. The real time data is shown on TFT display and ASCLIN shell Interface and the fault can be injected with touch screen and buttons/switches available on the board. The AURIXTM  Application kit – TC3xx Safety consists of AURIXTM  TC397 Application kit TFT (KIT_A2G_TC397_5V_TFT) connected to the add-on shield board called Evaluation Board AURIXTM TC3xx Safety (EVABOARD_A2G_SAFETY), Power supply, USB Cable, small magnet, quick start guide and pre-flashed SW.

Summary of Features


·         AURIXTM  TC397 Application kit TFT - (KIT_A2G_TC397_5V_TFT)

·         TLF35584 PMIC

·         TFT Touch Display

·         Status LEDs

·         Evaluation Board AURIXTM TC3xx Safety (EVABOARD_A2G_SAFETY)

·         TLE5012BD E9200 magnetic sensor

·         Temperature sensor

·         KP256 Pressure sensor

·         Encoder for generating PWM

·         Potentiometer for broken wire detection simulation

·         Buttons to inject fault in the system

·         Switches to change connection to various pins of microcontroller

·         Low power status LEDs

·         Jumper to break the line on PCB


·         AURIX™ Development Studio based Well structure project

·         Boot and Startup Procedure including all safety mechanism involved

·         Full SMU driver implementation including SMU core, SMU standby, fault signaling Protocol (FSP), Emergency Stop (ES) and Recovery Timer (RT)

·         Implementation of different Safety Mechanisms for safe application

·         Fault injection for testing of various safety mechanism and accordingly alarm generation

·         TFT touch screen driver

·         TLF35584 PMIC driver

·         Commands and monitoring via TFT touch screen

·         ASCLIN Shell Interface for terminal view

·         STM used for basic task scheduling


·         Everything you need to start developing in one package, enabling fast prototyping and  minimizing R&D resources

·         Access to AURIX™ TC3xx family features, including high computing performance of AURIX™ TC397, multi core architecture, flexibility, scalability, integrated safety and security support

·          Application Notes for Hardware and Software available


Potential Applications



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