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  • KIT_A2G_TC366_5V_TRB_S, A2G,TC366,TRB,5V,TC3x6
  • SP004080686
The TriBoard TC3X6 is a versatile tool, providing quick access to the capabilities of... mehr
Produktinformationen "KIT_A2G_TC366_5V_TRB_S"

The TriBoard TC3X6 is a versatile tool, providing quick access to the capabilities of TriCore's powerful architecture. Applications can be developed easily. The Evaluation Board is equipped with a variety of memories and peripherals for connection to the environment. There is also an interface for the On Chip Debugging Features (0CDS1 and DAP). The Evaluation Board allows easily the development of TriCore applications with the corresponding tools. Subsequently, the applications can be downloaded and can be tested with the powerful debugger software.

A downloadable User Manual helps with the installation, use and configuration of the board and includes the schematics and the layout. (see Documents section)


Summary of Features

  • Infineon's TC3X6 (TC366, TC336) AURIXTM 2G Controller in LFBGA-180 Package
  • FlexRayTM 1) Transceivers
  • High Speed CAN Transceivers (CAN-FD capable)
  • USB to UART bridge
  • Ethernet PHY
  • Serial Eeprom
  • LIN Transceiver
  • Crystal 20MHz (default) or External Clock
  • USB miniWiggler JDS for easy debugging
  • 8 Low Power Status LEDs
  • 8-DIP switches for configuration
  • access to all pins of controller
  • 100mm x 160mm (EURO-Board)


The TC3X6 TriBoard offers a wide variety of connectors:

  • Standard power connector
  • Micro USB connector for ASC Interface (ASCO) and miniWiggler
  • RJ45 connector for Ethernet
  • 16-pin header for JTAG interface (OCDS)
  • 2 x 10-pin header for DAP and DAP_SCR
  • lOpin (2x5} Header for LIN Transceiver (LIN)
  • 2 x lOpin (2x5) Header for CAN High Speed Transceiver (CANO and CAN1)
  • 2 x 10pin (2x5) Header for FlexRayTM (ERAY-A and ERAY-B)
  • four 80-pin connectors (male) + four 80-pin connectors (female) with all I/O signals
  • optional ETK connector
  • optional 6pin (IEEE1394) Socket for HSCT


  • Infineon's Multi Voltage Safety Micro Processor Supply TLF35584QV
  • Three LEDs to validate power supply (5Volt / 3,3 Volt / 1,25 Volt)
  • LED indicating safe state signal 2 from TLF35584
  • LED indicating /HDRST (ESRO) active state
  • LED indicating activ miniWiggler JDS
  • LED switched via DAS software
  • 2 x Infineon's FlexRayTM Transceiver TLE9221SX
  • 2 x Infineon's High Speed CAN-Transceiver TLE9251VSJ
  • Infineon's LIN-Transceiver TLE7259-3GE
  • USB to UART bridge FT2232HL (FTDI)
  • Single-Chip/Port 10/100M Ethernet PHYCEIVER with Auto MDX RTL8201FI-VC-CG (Realtek)
  • 8 general purpose LEDs
  • 2K I2C Serial Eeprom with EUI-48TM 2) Node Identity (MICROCHIP)
  • Reset switch
  • Enable switch
  • Generic switch
  • 4-pin Dip switch






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