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  With this general purpose AURIX™ 2G TC389 evaluation board, customers can quickly... mehr
Produktinformationen "KIT_A2G_TC389_5V_TRB"


With this general purpose AURIX™ 2G TC389 evaluation board, customers can quickly start to develop, evaluate and test their software. The TC389QP is mounted on a socket so that it can be easily changed, making it particularily suitable for early project development.


A downloadable User Manual helps with the installation, use and configuration of the board and includes the schematics and the layout. 


Summary of Features:


  • Infineon’s TC399 AURIX™ TC3xx Controller in LFBGA-516 Package
  • Burst Flash up to 4MBytes (not with TC3X7)
  • Asynchronous SRAM up to 2MByte (not with TC3X7)
  • Synchronous SRAM up to 4MByte (not with TC3X7)
  • FlexRay™ 1) Transceivers
  • High Speed CAN Transceivers (CAN-FD capable)
  • USB to UART bridge
  • Ethernet Gigabit PHY
  • Serial Eeprom
  • LIN Transceiver
  • Crystal 20MHz (default) or External Clock
  • USB miniWiggler JDS for easy debugging
  • 8 Low Power Status LEDs
  • 8-DIP switches for configuration
  • Access to all pins of controller
  • 100mm x 160mm (EURO-Board)






The TC3X9 TriBoard offers a wide variety of connectors:


  • Standard power connector
  • Micro USB connector for ASC Interface (ASC0) and miniWiggler
  • RJ45 connector for Ethernet
  • 16-pin header for JTAG interface (OCDS)
  • 2 x 10-pin header for DAP and DAPE (DAPE only usable on Emulation Device)
  • 10pin (2x5) Header for LIN Transceiver (LIN)
  • 2 x 10pin (2x5) Header for CAN High Speed Transceiver (CAN0 and CAN1)
  • 2 x 10pin (2x5) Header for FlexRay™ (ERAY-A and ERAY-B)
  • Five 80-pin connectors (male) + five 80-pin connectors (female) with all I/O signals
  • Optional ETK connector
  • Optional 6pin (IEEE1394) Socket for HSCT
  • Optional Aurora connector (only with Emulation Device)






  • Infineon’s Multi Voltage Safety Micro Processor Supply TLF35584QV
  • Three LEDs to validate power supply (5Volt / 3,3 Volt / 1,25 Volt)
  • LED indicating safe state signal 2 from TLF35584
  • LED indicating /HDRST (ESR0) active state
  • LED indicating activ miniWiggler JDS
  • LED switched via DAS software
  • 2 x Infineon’s FlexRay™ Transceiver TLE9221SX
  • 2 x Infineon’s High Speed CAN-Transceiver TLE9251VSJ






  • Infineon’s LIN-Transceiver TLE 7259-3GE
  • USB to UART bridge FT2232HL (FTDI)
  • Single Port Gigabit Ethernet PHY PEF7071 (LANTIQ)
  • 8 general purpose LEDs
  • 2K I 2C Serial Eeprom with EUI-48™ 1) Node Identity (MICROCHIP)
  • Reset switch
  • Enable switch
  • Generic switch
  • 4-pin Dip switch




With our software toolchain, this TriBoard offers a quick hands on and evaluation of Aurix™ TC3xx family.


Potential Applications:


  • Automotive
  • Electromobility
  • Industrial


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