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    XMC1400 Arduino Order Nr.: KIT_XMC1400_ARDUINO Explore the most of our... mehr
Produktinformationen "KIT_XMC1400_ARDUINO"



XMC1400 Arduino
Order Nr.: KIT_XMC1400_ARDUINO
Explore the most of our XMC1400 Microcontroller with the XMC1400 ARDUINO kit. This kit utilizes Infineon’s industry leading ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller in combination with ARDUINO form factor. Focused on evaluate the capabilities of the XMC1400 Microcontroller multiple applications solutions, it can be used with a wide range of development tools including Infineon’s free of charge Eclipse based IDE, DAVE™ and much more.

Useful links:
• Board shape & power supply for ARDUINO™ Shields
• Infineon shields - Hardware Compatible with Arduino
• XMC™ software for Arduino IDE

Summary of Features
 The XMC1400 CPU Card for ArduinoTM is equipped with the following features:
• XMC1400 (ARM® CortexTM -M0 based) Microcontroller, TSSOP38
• Headers compatible with ArduinoTM shield
• Detachable SEGGER J-Link debugger and UART virtual COM port, with micro USB connector
• Power supply concept compatible with ArduinoTM Uno
• One LED as required from ArduinoTM board specification and 2 additonal LEDs
• XTAL (20MHz) and RTC_XTAL(32768Hz)

• Powerful Microcontroller
• ARDUINO UNO compatibility
• Flexibility
• CAN connectivity
• Debugger included

Potential Applications
• Motor Control
• Lighting
• Automation Gateway
• Industrial Automation
• Home appliances


·         Parametrics





General Purpose ; Smart Sensors & Actuators





Product Description

The XMC1400 CPU Card for ArduinoTM has two rows of pin headers which fully compatible with ArduinoTM shield. Hence, user can buy various Arduino shield boards off-the-shelf to test the capabilities of XMC1400 Microcontroller.

Product Name

XMC1400 Arduino

Target Application



Evaluation Board


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