SEGGER 8.20.00 - J-Trace PRO Cortex

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SEGGER 8.20.00 - J-Trace PRO Cortex ""J-Trace PRO Cortex provides support for Cortex-A/R/M... mehr
Produktinformationen "SEGGER 8.20.00 - J-Trace PRO Cortex"

SEGGER 8.20.00 - J-Trace PRO Cortex

""J-Trace PRO Cortex provides support for Cortex-A/R/M based microcontrollers. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface of J-Trace PRO Cortex enables continuous streaming trace via USB with the full trace clock, lifting the limitations by internal buffers and slow data transmission to give you all the insights you need to develop and optimize your code.

- Streaming Trace probe with USB Superspeed interface
- Real-time streaming at full System Clock
- Tune your application with live profiling
- Satisfy regulatory requirements with instruction-level code coverage
- Isolate and Identify hard-to-find code defects with unlimited trace
- Supports Streaming Trace
- Supports Cortex-A/R/M  targets
- Full J-Link debug functionality

Package includes:
- J-Trace PRO Cortex
- Ethernet cable
- .05"" 20-pin ribbon cable
- .1"" 20-pin ribbon cable
- Cortex-M reference board
- Mini-USB cable
- USB 3.0 cable "

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