ULINKplus debug adapter

ULINKplus debug adapter
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ULINKplus debug adapter The ULINKplus debug adapter connects your PC's USB port to your... mehr
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ULINKplus debug adapter

The ULINKplus debug adapter connects your PC's USB port to your
target system (via a 10-pin Cortex Debug connector). It allows you
to program, debug, and analyze your applications and their power
consumption using its outstanding power measurement technology.
ULINKplus, together with MDK, provides extended on-the-fly debug
capabilities for Cortex-M devices. You can control the processor, set
breakpoints, and read/write memory contents, all while the processor is
running at full speed. High-Speed data trace enables you to analyze
detailed program behavior.

Broad device support

ULINKplus connects to a wide variety of processor targets:
- JTAG support for Arm Cortex processors
- Serial Wire Debug (SWD) support for all Arm Cortex processors
- Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) support for all Arm Cortex-M processors

Run/stop debugging

Using ULINKplus, you can
- download programs to your target hardware.
- examine memory and registers.
- single-step through programs and insert multiple breakpoints.
- run programs in real-time.
- program Flash memory.
- connect to running targets (hot-plugging).

High-speed connections

ULINKplus offers fast and reliable target connections:
◾Data and event trace for Arm Cortex-M up to 50 Mbit/s.
◾JTAG/SW clock speed up to 10 MHz
◾High-speed memory read/write up to 1 MByte/s

Test I/Os

The integrated I/Os of ULINKplus are accessible from debug views or from debug scripts
to interact with the target under test or to control automated test stands.

You can easily configure the I/Os in the µVision debugger. Simply select the pin function
(digital/analog and input/output). The values that are applied to the pins are
automatically updated and displayed. Also, the results from the power measurement are shown.

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