Flasher Compact (5.19.00)

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  Flasher Compact (5.19.00) Product information "Flasher Compact"... mehr
Produktinformationen "Flasher Compact (5.19.00)"


Flasher Compact (5.19.00)

Product information "Flasher Compact"

Get Flasher Compact, the compact version of the Flasher PRO for easier integration into size limited production setups.

Flasher Compact supports stand-alone programming of internal and external flash memory: once set up, it can be controlled without the use of a PC program.
Thanks to its compact form factor, Flasher Compact allows for easy integration into size-constrained project setups.

Further Advantages
Each Flasher includes licenses to program with all supported MCUs and supports serial in target programming.
It comes with free firmware updates.

Box Contents


  • Flasher Compact
  • Mini USB cable
  • pin target ribbon cable



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