neoVI RED & Vehicle Spy 3 Basic - Value Pack

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  Product Details Vehicle Spy 3 Basic Software + neoVI RED Please visit the... mehr
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Product Details

Vehicle Spy 3 Basic Software + neoVI RED

Please visit the Vehicle Spy webpage for the most up to date information on Vehicle Spy software.

Vehicle Spy Professional vs. Vehicle Spy Basic

Vehicle Spy Basic is a single tool for data acquisition and in-vehicle communication networks bus monitoring. Vehicle Spy was designed to with a focus on ease-of-use and user productivity.Vehicle Spy enables multiple users of a single computer to easily keep track of their own projects, logged data, and functional block setup. Easy to follow tutorials and online help enable new customers to become familiar with Vehicle Spy in the first day of use. In addition, Intrepid Controls Systems offers Vehicle Spy basic training to all of its customers at a low cost. 

  • Network Monitoring
  • Data Acquisition/Logging
  • CAN Bus
  • LIN Sub-bus (Monitor Only)
  • J1850 PWM and VPW (Class 2)
  • Kline
  • J1939
  • J1708
  • ISO9141
  • Keyword 2000
  • UART

 neoVI RED Hardware Interface

Multiple Protocol Tool to Support TodayÕs and TomorrowÕs Vehicle Bus Needs

Intrepid Control Systems introduces neoVI RED; newest in our line of vehicle network development tools. neoVI RED fills the need for multiple CAN and LIN channels as well as giving you a 0-20 volt oscilloscope to troubleshoot physical layer issues with LIN and a logic analyzer for CAN. neoVI RED is a low cost, high value CAN and LIN bus interface that fits in your pocket.

Connect to multiple CAN and LIN Busses Simultaneously

With its two CAN and two LIN channels, neoVI RED will allow you to view network traffic on all four networks simultaneously with an accuracy of 10 microseconds. With multiple CAN channels becoming more and more the norm, neoVI RED will allow you to view both channels as well as view that of itÕs two LIN channels without missing a message.

Log Data to Internal Memory Card without a PC

neoVI RED supports a MicroSD card for trouble-free datalogging. Now you can log data without your PC. Setup neoVI RED - Logger including message filtering with Intrepid Control SystemsÕ Vehicle Spy software, disconnect from your PC and log vehicle network traffic until the card is full. neoVI RED supports logging on all networks simultaneously with no latency issues.

Embedded Scripting and Automation - Function Blocks _

Easily setup automated scripts such as transmitting multiple messages at a given interval and much, much more using neoVI REDÕs internal scripting engine. With Intrepid Control SystemsÕ Function Blocks, you can use an easy-to-use, mouse driven interface that creates simple yet powerful automated tasks embedded on the hardware itself.

In Addition...

  • neoVI is Designed for Automated Testing
  • neoVI is a Smart Interface for Data Logger Applications
  • much much more

 - Requires Vehicle Spy 3 Professional for Scripting capability

Please specify a cable option when ordering neoVIs. There are four main OBD cables:
• neoVI-OBD-1 Cable (For GM OEM use)
• neoVI-OBD-MULTI Cable (For Jaguar, Chrysler, and most other OEMs)
• neoVI-OBD-MULTI-RIGHT Cable (same as MULTI but right angle OBD connector)
• J1939-FIRE-CABLE (for use with 9-pin Deutsch J1939 applications)


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