b-plus B18001-U2C-001-0001 - USBTucan Set

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USBTucan CAN and I/O Interface for USB USBTucan is an USB I/O Box with digital In/Outputs,... mehr
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CAN and I/O Interface for USB
USBTucan is an USB I/O Box with digital In/Outputs, analog Inputs and a galvanic seperated CAN Interface.
It is ideal for use in an laboratory as development and test tool, as well as for mounting in machines and test benches.

Key features
The reliable CAN interface with digital I/Os and anlog inputs
• Operating temperature range from -40 up to +75°C
• CAN Interface; switchable termination
• Robust housing; high USB pull out force
• Digital inputs 4x
• Digital outputs 4x
• Analog inputs 2x
• I/O API + demo software

Technical details
1x USB – Connection and power supply from the host system (completely galvanic seperated)
4x Digital-IN - Low-active
4x Digital-OUT
• max. 1,0 A per channel
• needs own power supply from 5-32 V via VIO
• Condition of Digital-IN and Digital-OUT is indicated via LEDs
2x Analog-IN (0-32V, Resolution 12 BIT)
CAN Interface (Switchable Termination)
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature range -40°C up to 75°C
Specification according to standards

IT environment:
• EN 55022 (Class B)
• EN 55032 (Class B)
• EN 55024

Industrial environment:
• EN 61000-6-3
• EN 61000-6-2

Laboratory operation:
• EN 61326-1

• FCC CLASS A (Industrial Environment)

VCCI Japan:
• CCI CLASS A (Industrial Environment)

Various USBTucans can be connected and used on one host system




CAN & IO Interface Box: 1x USB – Connection to the host, 4x Digital-In, 4x Digital-Out, 2x Analog-In, 1x CAN // Software: SIODIapi, SIODIservice application, USBTucanExplorer // Documentation, USB cable



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