Demokit Distance2Go 24GHz Radar Kit

Demokit Distance2Go 24GHz Radar Kit
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Infineon radar demo board based on the BGT24MTR11– FMCW & Doppler (distance, speed, and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Demokit Distance2Go 24GHz Radar Kit"

Infineon radar demo board based on the BGT24MTR11– FMCW & Doppler (distance, speed, and direction of movement detection)

Kit contains:

  • Demo board
  • Info sheet
  • SW GUI to operate kit
  • Precompiled C libraries provided
  • Source code (FW + basic radar algorithms)
  • PCB schematic and gerber files

 Summary of Features:

  • Capability to detect distance of moving and static targets (Targets include humans)
  • Capability to detect motion, speed and direction of movement (approaching or retreating)
  • BGT24MTR11 - 24 GHz highly integrated RF MMIC
  • XMC4200 ARM® - Cortex® - M4 - 32-bit industrial microcontroller (Requires external debugger)
  • Integrated antennas

Target Applications:

  • Drone landing assist
  • Drone obstacle avoidance
  • Smart home
  • Building security
  • Street lighting
  • Industrial automation
  • Tank level sensing

To gain access to the 24GHz Industrial Radar software portal, where you can download the Infineon 24GHz software and supporting material, please follow the 2 steps below in the given order. Please note, software and material can only be used with Infineon demo boards.

  1. Please complete new user registration:
  2. Please send an email to to request access to the software and support material.
  3. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for getting started with the demo board.
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