DAvE Drive Application Kit V3

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KIT_AK_DAVEDRIVE_V3   DAvE Drive Application Code Generator for PMSM and BLDC... mehr
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DAvE Drive Application Code Generator for PMSM and BLDC Motor Control with Infineon’s 8-bit Microcontrollers - Version 3

DAvE Drive is a GUI based software tool that allows application
developers to configure XC800 and XE164 Classic software for control of
brushless synchronous 3-phase motors in a very efficient way. With DAvE
Drive, the developer is only a few mouse clicks away from customized
code reflecting choice of motor, motor speed, type of control and
various other options. DAvE Drive uses the full power of Infineon’s
microcontroller, e.g. it generates optimized FOC code for XC878 using
the enhanced vector Computer which usually requires expert knowledge in
both motor control and assembler programming.

DAvE Drive is an application centric add-on to DAvE, Infineon’s Digital
Application virtual Engineer. DAvE provides initialization,
configuration and driver code to ease programming for beginners as well
as experts. This tool generates complete algorithms in source code,
ready to be compiled and debugged by popular tools, as Keil compiler or
Tasking compiler.

For more information about Infineon's Motor Drives Application Kits, please visit  http://www.infineon.com/foc 

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