3-Phase Motor Drive Application Kit

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The kit is built around the 8-bit XC886 MCU capable of running field oriented control... mehr
Produktinformationen "3-Phase Motor Drive Application Kit"

The kit is built around the 8-bit XC886 MCU capable of running field
oriented control (FOC) and CIPOS™ - an intelligent power module (IPM),
which provides a high level of system integration. This combination
offers excellent electrical performance at low costs and reduces board
space requirements. The on-board switched mode power supply based on
COOLSET™ enables quick start-up and evaluation. The optimized motor
control software as well as the digitally isolated real time monitoring
tool makes the kit an easy-to-use reference platform. The power stage
is capable of driving both permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)
and induction motors (ACIM) with power rating of up to 750W peak load.

Key Features:

  • Complete application kit capable of running FOC for motor drives up to 750W power rating
  • Leading-edge Infineon semiconductors for the power and control stage: CIPOS™ and XC886
  • On-board switched mode power supply realized by COOLSET™
  • Implemented protection features for high system reliability
  • Digitally isolated real time monitoring tool
  • Optimized sensorless FOC source code for PMSM
  • Source code for V/f control for ACIM for quick evaluation
  • Free tool chain including SDCCcompiler


The application kit enables hardware and software designers to shorten
time-to-market for energy efficient motor control designs targeting
excellent speed control, reduced noise and high system reliability.

For more information about Infineon's XC886/888 devices, please visit the product page at: www.infineon.com/XC886
More Information on
CIPOS™ can be found here: www.infineon.com/Cipos
and on
COOLSET™ here: www.infineon.com/Coolset

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